movement for peace

About us

A Ride Till The End (ARTTE) is a collective of veterans and artists riding bicycles around the U.S. raising awareness about the situation in Afghanistan and related issues until the Afghanistan occupation ends.  We see art as an effective medium for healing and facilitating palatable dialogue amongst diverse voices on the occupation.  Many veterans return home with frustration from participating in senseless war and need to find their voice in-order to begin a path of healing.

For this reason, we operate as a speaking bureau/performance art collective, facilitating open dialogue and artistic expression about our experiences at war and coming home.  This is done while riding our bicycles around the nation seeking peace and reconnecting with the nation we swore to protect. 

We've covered over 7,000 miles in the United States since our launch on May 1, 2010.  Our journey has taken us through most of the states in the American south, some twice, and down the east coast from New York City to Athens, GA.

The Ride, as it's commonly called, was birthed out of the Ozark Mountains in North West Arkansas by brothers Jacob and Jordan George during the winter of 2009. 

Keep us rollin!